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The training provided through these tutorials is general in nature, the specific rules and regulations within your Board will still apply
PLEASE NOTE: If Xposure is not the primary MLS® System in your Board area, Autoload cannot be used to load or maintain your listings.

Why Xposure

Xposure was created to strengthen organized Real Estate by filling the consumer demand for digital content. Click the full screen button on each video to watch in full screen. When the video is done, click the full screen button again to return to the tutorial.


1.37 minutes in length

Setting up your account profile is an important first step in using the Xposure MLS.  Your profile will be seen by your colleagues, and the viewing public, through the MLS, PCS, and Public Side Platforms.  Watch the video below to follow the step by step process.

Tips to Succeed

1. Ensure that your PCS is enabled for the system to generate leads for you whenever your audience lands on your page. And when you receive an email that a new client has signed up to your PCS account, be sure that you click 'Activate Client' within that email. 2. Adding a video biography builds trust in a potential client, as they can hear your voice and get a sense of your body language. Make the video about you, and who you are, and not necessarily about your business. 3. Keep the textual Biography brief and to the point. This is also a great place to add your testimonials.

24 seconds in length

Customize your Dashboard

• Learn how to add and remove widgets • Learn how to reorder the widgets

My Listings

5.17 minutes in length

MLS Autoload is a complete system for uploading and maintaining your listings.  In the following video you will learn how to upload a listing to the MLS, as well as how to assign the listing to your photographer, enabling them to directly upload your media.

Using Autoload will give you the ability to add additional media and content to your listing website.  This media can then be shared with all your fellow Agents, as Xposure has a reciprocity of media component built within.

1.48 minutes in length

Learn how to

• Maintain your listing through its life cycle • Clone a listing for similar properties • Relist a property that has expired

2.40 minutes in length

Learn how to

• Use the Xposure Design Center • Add a brochure to your listing website • Create additional print materials • Add custom templates to the system

1.34 minutes in length

Learn how to

• Add and remove features from your listing • Download a QR Code for the listing site • Choose your display template for the listing • View statistics on your web traffic • Send the online stats to the Seller


1.04 minutes in length

Learn how to

• View the search results in different formats • Remove listings from the search results list • Rearrange the order of listings by field • Manually rearrange the results in the list

1.51 minutes in length

Learn how to

• Export the listing results to a spreadsheet • Save the search criteria for quick access • Save a list of results • Add new listings to a saved list of results • Load and manage saved lists • Get driving directions for selected listings

1.26 minutes in length

Learn how to

• Add and remove columns from the grid • Save a custom column layout • Load and manage column layouts

1.37 minutes in length

Learn how to

• Print listings in various formats • Email a link to the MLS Gateway • Email a link with the data sheets • Teach your client to print & email listings

1:17 minutes in length

Learn how to

• Customize the order of your search box filters • Create multiple search box layouts, and set your default layout

2.31 minutes in length

Learn how to

• Use the quick search through the MLS Portal Tab • BC Agents - use the Provincial Listing Portal via the Interboard Tab




Private Client Services (PCS) allows Agents to quickly and easily create private websites for clients, containing listings based on customized individualized searches.
Once PCS is set up, the client is automatically notified that new or changed listings are available and a link to their private website is provided by email. When the client has accessed the site and reviewed the listings, an automatic notification will be sent as any new listings are added or changes are made to the system. No additional notifications will be sent until the client has viewed the website.

3.40 minutes in length

Learn how to

• Set up a new client in PCS • Choose the notification frequency • Enter the search criteria • Queue and release listings for a client

1.18 minutes in length

Learn how to

• Set up an additional search for a client • Delete a search for a client • Activate a new search • Deactivate a search • Delete a client from PCS

1.33 minutes in length

Learn how to

• Send an email to one or multiple clients • Customize emails for all clients • Customize emails for one client • Resend login information to a client

2.31 minutes in length

Learn how to

• Choose what client types to view • Do a quick search for a client • See what your client sees through PCS • Understand what the various symbols mean


1:06 minutes in length

Learn how to

• Produce a printed copy of your CMA

1:04 minutes in length

Learn how to

• Produce a CMA by using the search filters under the Search Tab

1:04 minutes in length

Learn how to

• Add custom CMA print templates to your CMA module

Tips to Succeed

1. Use the CMA tool to also help Buyers feel confident that their offer price is accurate. A Buyers CMA can be built in seconds and provides a wealth of information. 2. Remember that the interactive CMA Gateway is live and will reflect all MLS changes to the featured listings. The printed copy will, of course, show the listings with the original price and listing status as it's a static copy.

Web Tools

5.18 minutes in length

The Xposure MLS Platform provides each Agent with a free website called the Xposure Business Page.  Learn how to build your own website in just a few minutes by following the video below.

1.38 minutes in length

Learn how to

• Add the listing portal to your own website • Have the search bar added to your custom website • Have the PCS sign up widget added to a landing page • Have your own listings embedded into your custom website

Mobile App

iPhone Installation Instructions:

1. Log into the Xposure Control Center on your iOS device.
2. Tap the share icon in mobile safari (the square with an arrow coming out the top)
3. Scroll the share dialog until you see "Add to Home Screen". Tap it.
4. Tap "Add"
5. Launch "Xposure CC" from your home screen and log in again.

Android installation instructions:

1. Log into the Xposure Control Center on your Android device
2. Use the Control Centre until you get a prompt to install the app (navigate to any tabs, such as "Home", or "Search")
3. Click "Install" when prompted. Then Click "Add" when promoted again.
4. Launch "Xposure CC" from your home screen and log in again
Mobile App Mobile App


2.02 minutes in length

Within Xposure, you have control over the appearance of various elements of the system.  

In this video you will learn how to have your listing template and your Business Page designed to look like your brand.

55 seconds in length

Here you will learn how to have custom print materials added to the Xposure Design Center.


Brokerage Tools

Brokerages are provided with a listing portal which can be integrated into the corporate website. All non-brokerage reciprocity listings feature a Realtor® On Duty. View the video below to see how the portal works and how your company can benefit from the additional features.

To see how other Brokerages have incorporated these tools, click here to see live examples found under the Listing Portals section.  To sign your Brokerage up for these tools, click here, scroll to the bottom of the page, and follow the instructions.  The video below will walk through the custom branding features, how to set up the Agent on Duty calendar, and how to use the stats platform.

3.22 mins in length

Learn how to

• Have a custom Brokerage template designed • Set up your Agent on Duty calendar • View the online traffic for every listing


To sign up to become an approved Photographer in the Xposure Platform, please go to, and scroll down to the Photographers section.  Under the heading 'Getting Started' you are able to register and sign into the system.  The Real Estate Board will need to approve your registration before you will appear as a photography company within Autoload.  Be sure that you have your Account profile completed, and the section 'Present Your Business Offering' filled out.

To use the Photographers iPad App to make floor plans interactive, please click this link to read the detailed Photographer App Instructions

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